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DOES YOUR TAP WATER TASTE LIKE PLASTIC? YOUR PLUMBING PIPES MIGHT BE THE REASON!If you are noticing a change in the taste of your drinking water, there might be several reasons behind it. As we all are well aware of the fact that water comes into your taps through plumbing pipes. The types of pipes that you are using majorly impact the quality and taste of your water. There are varieties of plumbing pipes available in the market like plastic, lead, copper galvanized, and stainless steel. Most people are still using plastic and galvanized pipes for plumbing purposes. If your tap water tastes like plastic, you need to cross-check your plumbing pipes.

Impact of Plastic Pipes on Drinking Water

Though plastic pipes are much cheaper than other types of pipes, people tend to use them for plumbing purposes but plastic pipes are highly responsible for affecting the taste and smell of water. If you recently tasted plastic in your tap water, the chances are that you have tasted the leachates that are coming out from your plastic pipes. The residues coming out from the plastic pipes can be extremely harmful to your health. In other cases, your tap water can also smell like some antiseptic. The reason is the reaction of water with the fixtures that is caused due to the poor piping system. SS pipe fittings are highly known to offer double-edge security. The piping joints are connected within seconds and offer leak-proof connections. Hence stainless steel plumbing is known to be highly secured and the best choice due to some other benefits too like resistance to corrosion, durability, reliability, and 100% recyclability.

Impact of Plumbing on Quality of Water

There are various issues attached to plastic pipes. The type of plumbing you go for highly impacts the smell and taste of your water. Galvanized pipes result in corrosion, the intake of which can cause various health-related problems. It may even cause a threat to your health. It is necessary to be cautious of the quality of your water before consuming it or using it for other purposes. Your health should be your priority and you should not compromise with the quality of water that you are consuming. If you are using plastic pipes, you should be aware of the fact that plastic pipes are known for releasing carcinogenic substances which increases the risks related to the development of various diseases and illnesses. The idea should be to take some actions to enhance the quality of your water. You must not tolerate the unpleasant taste and smell of your drinking water. It is highly recommended to choose stainless steel plumbing as stainless steel is a material that is highly hygienic and is known for resisting corrosion. You can improve and enhance the quality of your water by merely choosing SS pipe fittings and pipes at your place.