Environment Oriented:

Rhinox stainless steel pipe uses less raw material than other Stainless Steel Pipes. Stainless steel pipe limits environmental impact as compared to alternative pipe materials. Its corrosion resistance minimizes the potential for product loss. Stainless steel is not a petroleum product. There is also less energy loss within stainless steel pipe due to its smooth, low friction interior, and stainless steel pipe is 100% recoverable either through recycling or reuse.

Innovative Company

RHINOX work primarily focuses on product systems, which involves bringing components, technologies and service together. Bringing these elements together is a highly creative process – a composing of forward-looking solutions. The wealth of expertise and different backgrounds of the RHINOX companies and its employees are a kit with many treasures.


Every employee is made to feel a part of the extended RHINOX family. They think and act respectively cross-linked. The shared values and close ties between the RHINOX family and its employees lay the foundations for our relationships with business partners, customers, users and other representatives from business, science, politics and society.
  • What we really care about is “Our Employees”.
  • Your Passionate involvement in the workplace.
  • Dedicated to bettering your life.

Products: Everything Under One-roof

Rhinox has set the standard for piping efficiencies, engineering expertise and performance reliability, creating a sustainable piping system that lasts the life of the buildings where they are installed. The innovative products designed and manufactured by Rhinox are inherently sustainable and offer design solutions that reduce the impact on our environment:
  • Seismic capabilities to maintain piping system integrity during seismic events.
  • Adaptable products that can be easily retrofitted on any building.
  • No flame required therefore reducing waste and toxic fumes.
  • More efficient water flow and higher values to increase operating efficiencies.