Domestic and Drinking Water

While installing potable water systems, no compromises are allowed. Maximum hygiene must be guaranteed. There should be no risk of bacterial contamination and the release of all harmful bacteria must be stopped.


Rhinox Stainless Steel Press Fittings along with carbon steel pipes and fittings are generally used in closed circuit heating system with cast iron, steel, or aluminium radiators.

Hydronic Air Conditioning

Rhinox press fitting system has another application in the industrial, commercial and hospitality sectors. They have climate control installed with a fan coil terminal and plumbing circuits.

Fire Extinguishing Systems

There are several types of fire extinguishing systems installed. Each one is different, based on the type of extinguishing agent used: foam, air, or water with the sprinklers.

Solar Thermal Energy

Stainless steel is a perfect fit for solar thermal energy as it is a durable and fully recyclable material.


An exclusive system dedicated to heating as well as a cooling system is implemented. Gas and water solutions are used as per needs.


The Rhinox Press fitting line in AISI 316L Stainless Steel – GAS (M profile) is expressly dedicated to this application. All the fittings are certified according to current quality standards.