Rhinox Press

Pressfitting systems are not all the same.

Meterial AISI 316L Stainless Steel

Profiles "V" Profile "VV" Profile

Dimensions (mm) 015 108 (V Profile) 015 54 (VV Profile)

Applications Potable water - Gas - Heating - Cooling - Firefighting sprinkler systems (wet and dry) - Solar thermal - Compressed Air

Fields Civil - Industrial

Standard Catalogue Range V Profile : 108 Fitting types
VV Profile : 43 fitting types

Stock Availability Wide stock availability for prompt deliveries of PIPES and FITTINGS

LBP O- Rings Patented "LBP" O-ring

Plugs for fittings Upon request

Declared Compatibility with thermo-acoustic insulation products Armaflex Protect

Maximum allowable operating pressure V Press range : 16 bar
VV press range : 25 bar

Operating temperature from -30 degree C **** to 180 degree C

Product Durability At least 40 years (in accordance with the correct installation methods indicated on the Technical Manual)

Packaging Possibility of CUSTOMIZING packaging

Length of Pipes Supply of 6m and 3m length pipes in special tubular BOPP Non-woven packaging.

Marking Laser Inked Marking - Brand name, Size of Fitting, Grade of Fittings

Traceability Possibility to trace the production batch of all components and pipes used through marking of each item

BIM BIM Libraries of all our items are available and free to be downloaded

Training Free courses for installers, on premises or via video conference

Technical Support Always available, by mail - telephone - video conference

Factory Visits Always possible, upon request

Quality System Certification ISO 9001:2015

Company Code of Ethics Compliant with American and European standards

Marketing Office INTERNAL Marketing office to support customers

Prices Among the lowest in DIN Standard format

Returns, Replacements, Compensation Handling Optimized procedure for the handling of returns, covered by international at insurance, with defective items replacement guarantee (25 years) and quick settlement of any resulted damage.

Newsletter Monthly newsletter with updates about press fitting and technical insights for installers