About Us

Rhinox USA! A well-known brand in India, USA & now Worldwide. Managing all its operational activities from Washington & considered to be the world's leading system provider in this segment. The brand is known for developing products that provide sustainable and smart plumbing solutions. Though there are lots of international brands in India that provide stainless steel plumbing. But when it comes to technology, Rhinox beat other brands with leaps & bound. Rhinox’s every product is designed to give more efficiency, health & safety, better performance & can be customized according to one’s needs & requirements. Rhinox is a brand that provides sustainable, reliable & economical plumbing solutions with 24/7 technical support & delivers quality at your doorsteps wherever you may be living.

Purever & Rhinox

Pillars of Sustainability Rhinox’s current approach towards corporate responsibility and sustainably is based on four pillars, which are derived from the triple bottom line (i.e., the environmental, social and financial pillars). These pillars support the achievement of our objectives and provides a framework for our sustainability endeavours. Engaging stakeholders in our sustainable journey, we will collaborate with all our stakeholders to create sustainable communities for future generations. Purever is the official Indian channel partner of Rhinox Stainless Steel Plumbing. Bringing the revolutionary American Precision Technology with state-of-the-Art SS Pipeline and Press Fittings. We have defined the press fittings in two different series “Double Press Fittings Technology” and our World Patent Technology “Triple Press Fittings”.

Quality & Innovation

Rhinox stainless steel pipes and fittings start with the selection of the finest raw materials. Each pipe and fitting is manufactured in an ultra-modern facility where attention to detail guarantees the quality of every item which leaves the factory. Extensive individual testing of each pipe or fitting, including rigorous hydraulic pressure testing, eddy current testing, and annealing of all pipe and fittings to ensure optimal quality standards are consistently met. Rhinox has earned an enviable reputation and is the product of choice for installers due to its high quality, durability and cost competitiveness. Rhinox stainless steel pipes and press fitting is resistant to corrosion, rust, chemical leaching and other types of post contamination, it delivers fresher, cleaner water to homes and commercial buildings.


The Rhinox integrated plumbing offers stainless steel pipe and fittings that deliver quality and value on every level. The Rhinox system is easy to install, reliable, cost effective and versatile. The natural advantages of stainless steel, low friction pipe wall, high heat tolerance, UV and corrosion resistance along with our exclusive, and superior, joining method, make Rhinox stainless steel top quality product. Rhinox thin-walled stainless steel pipe uses less raw material than other Stainless Steel Pipe. Stainless steel pipe limits environmental impact as compared to alternative pipe materials. A RHINOX stainless steel press fit system offers a level of simplicity no other industrial piping method can match. The press fit system slashes costs by up to 30 per cent, because expensive specialized labour and gas cylinders are not required for welding.