Nov 2021


Plumbers and pipe workers and contractors all around the world prefer to utilize stainless steel pipe fittings. When it comes to plumbing, it is imperative to successfully and efficiently complete a connection between the pipes. When the connections are required to be made, everyone working in the field wants to perform the best job possible in a timely and cost-effective manner. Formerly, the connection of pipes in any plumbing project was dependent on tradespeople. The process of brazing, welding, and soldering the pipes to make a connection consumes a lot of time as well as expenses. Stainless steel pipe fittings are known for transforming the entire process. There are numerous benefits of utilizing SS pipe fittings in plumbing applications.

Let�s get started:

1. You Can Save Time & Money on Training of the Workers

With the help of stainless steel fittings, you can save a lot of time as there is no need for someone who is trained in the process of welding, brazing or soldering. Therefore, you need not invest your time and money in providing training to the workers. Training your workers on how to use press fittings is significantly less.

2. Lowers the Physical Labor Expenses

Another benefit of using stainless steel pipe fittings is that you can reduce the amount of labor that is required to build connections between the pipes using press fittings. It also helps in completing the entire project in a lesser amount of time. Hence, not only you can save and reduce the labor costs but also implement more projects in less time. As the process of stainless steel plumbing using press fittings does not involve any type of heat or flame, less time and labor is required for on-site assessments and attaining permits from the authorities.

3. Enhance the Safety of Job

No matter if you are a contractor, plumber, or any other worker, health and safety play an imperative role and are significant aspects of every job. SS fittings are known for enhancing job safety as there is no need for any type of heat or flame to complete the connection between the pipes. Also, in addition to this, the need of wearing safety gear is also very less which in turn reduces the expenses to be incurred on job safety. Once the connection is made and completed, the amount of mess that is required to be cleaned up is also very less which makes the entire site and the workplace less hazardous.

4. Enhances the Accuracy of Performing the Job

The connections made using press fittings are as strong as connections made with the help of welding and soldering. The use of press fittings help in reducing the risk of human error during the process of welding, soldering or brazing..

5. Less Time & Expenses Required for Repair & Maintenance

When it comes to repair or maintenance, the client wants a quick as well as an operative solution. Connections made with the help of SS pipe fittings require less maintenance and repairs. Hence, there is a reduction in expenses as well as time that is to be incurred for the same. As there is a reduction in the number of young people who are interested and are keen to join the stainless steel plumbing industry, it is obvious that press fitting technology will continue to gain popularity in the coming time. With the evolution of press fittings like V Press Fittings and VV Press fittings manufactured by Rhinox, there is a positive effect on the plumbing industry. Press fittings are a welcomed solution that is known for resolving a lot of issues related to cost, training of workers, job safety, consumption of time, and many more. If you are looking to choose press fittings for your next plumbing project, don�t forget to visit Rhinox, a manufacturer of stainless steel pipe fittings that are designed to be installed in a wide range of applications.