Exploring the Risk of Water Pollution for Cancer

Sep 2023

Exploring the Risk of Water Pollution for CancerWater is an integral component that sustains all living organisms on Earth. But the alarming rise in pollution has put this resource at risk. It poses severe health threats to human beings and our environment.
Researchers opine that water pollution is closely associated with cancer. For instance, water contaminated with a high level of arsenic is the primary cause of bladder cancer. It can also cause skin and lung cancers. Let’s explore the risk factors of water pollution and how it causes cancer.

Things to Know About Water Pollution

Water pollution refers to the contamination of water bodies by various pollutants. For instance, industrial waste, untreated sewage and hazardous chemicals are often the main reason behind water pollution. These contaminants can lead to a range of environmental and health issues. Therefore, mitigating the risks of water pollution is the key to staying healthy.

Water Pollution and Cancer – Things to Know

The pollutants present in water are known carcinogens. Carcinogens are substances that can cause cancer. Listed are the common carcinogenic elements present in polluted water.

- Heavy Metals

Metals like arsenic and cadmium can cause several types of cancers. For instance, these elements are responsible for lung, liver and bladder cancer.

- Chlorinated Compounds

Do you know that your home’s plastic and GI plumbing system releases chlorinated compounds? These compounds can increase your risk of developing colorectal cancer.

The Presence of Endocrine Inhibitors

Pollution and cancer are closely linked. It is a severe threat that can wreak havoc when left unaddressed. Conventional plastic pipes used in particular residences can release phthalates into your water supply. They can interfere with your hormonal system. Phthalates can also cause prostate and breast cancers.

Prevention and Mitigation – Aspects to Know

Water pollution and cancer can severely disrupt your life. You must be aware of the prevention and mitigation strategies to decrease the risk of cancers from water pollution. As the adage goes, “It all starts at home” You should first minutely assess your home to minimise the risk of water pollution. For instance, one of the best ways to decrease the risk of water pollution and cancer is by installing triple (VV) press fittings. The VV-press stainless-steel fittings denote a leap forward in plumbing technology and health-conscious design. Some of the common health benefits of the triple-press stainless-steel fittings are as follows:

- Lead-Free Fittings

Lead-based soldering is pretty common with plastic and GI fittings which increases the cancer risk. Lead can leach into water and pose severe health risks. These stainless-steel fittings are lead-free and devoid of any harmful substances. These fittings ensure that your drinking water remains safe for consumption.<

Maintains the Purity of Water

One of the key highlights of the triple-press stainless-steel fittings is their inertness. They are non-corrosive, too, which retains the quality of drinking water. These stainless-steel fittings maintain water purity by preventing chemical reactions.
To decrease your cancer risk, it is crucial to follow the right mitigation strategies. One of the most effective ways to reduce water pollution is by investing in stainless-steel pipes and fittings. You can visit Rhinox India and find out more about the stainless-steel fittings. They are the only company to pioneer the production of VV-press fittings in the world.