The Impact of Water Pollution on People's Health


The Impact of Water Pollution on People's HealthThe consequences are severe as such a situation causes air and water pollution. The death of over fifty percent of children across the world happens because of the consumption of polluted, toxic water.
People of different ages suffer from several disorders because of the poor quality of water they drink and use for other purposes. The impact of contaminated water is significantly adverse, and human beings have to bear the brunt of it. Many other living species also die after consuming impure water that carries several diseases.

Effects of Consuming Sewage-Polluted Water

It may surprise you, but even today, more than one-third of the population worldwide doesn't get to drink potable water. You may be on the safer side if you reside in a town or a city, but people in villages are still facing a tough time. They have no option other than using sewage-polluted water for drinking as well as for several other chores.
The presence of bacteria, microbes and various other hazardous elements is deteriorating the water quality and increasing waterborne disorders. Several life-threatening diseases that sewage-contaminated water carries include cholera, hepatitis A, dysentery, typhoid, etc. It is high time for government and philanthropic organisations to take the necessary initiatives to treat polluted water.

Consequences of Drinking Water Contaminated by Chemicals

Environmentalists from different countries conduct awareness programs on how everyone must contribute to protecting water bodies and improving water quality. Toxic chemicals end up in the rivers and oceans from industries, agricultural fields and merchant ships that carry varying solid or liquid products.
The health consequences for humans are serious when exposed to water with a high concentration of phosphate, ammonia, heavy metals and other toxic, hazardous chemicals. Drinking water with impurities affects human health significantly.
The common health issues that one can suffer after consuming water that's chemically contaminated are diarrhoea, hair loss and skin irritations. On the other hand, severe problems include brain disorders and damage to the reproductive, immune, renal and cardiovascular systems.

Implications of Using Water that Contains Microplastics

In recent years, the issue of microplastics contaminating water bodies has cropped up. Consuming such water makes one suffer from acute health problems. Many individuals who drink this water are diagnosed with metabolic diseases, inflammatory disorders, etc.
You can consider plastic materials not above 4-5mm in length microplastics. Aside from affecting human health severely, water containing these elements also harms other living species.
Despite the rapid advancements in technology, the results of most attempts to prevent water pollution are unsatisfactory. So, every single person, community, government and philanthropic entity has to be together to protect water bodies.
Besides robust intervention and monitoring of polluted water treatment and management, implementing different vital measures is imperative. Carrying out necessary activities continuously and effectively can only lead to a reduction in the water pollution and impact on people's health.
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