How Bad & Harmful Water Contamination Can Be For You?

Jun 2022

How Bad & Harmful Water Contamination Can Be For You?If you own an older house, you might be aware of the fact that several things need to be fixed. Some things need to be repaired while others need to be replaced. One thing that needs to be repaired and replaced is your plumbing pipes. The water that you use for several activities like drinking, washing, bathing, and cleaning comes out of plumbing pipes. Hence, if your pipes have an issue, it will directly affect the quality of your water. There are several different ways your plumbing pipes can contaminate the water. One effective way to save your water and keep it in its purest and hygienic form is to bid bye to plastic and galvanized pipes and switch to stainless steel pipe fittings.

1.Outdated Material of Plumbing Pipes

If your home was constructed before the year 1980, you need to keep an eye on your plumbing pipes. The reason being before the year 1980, most the people commonly use copper pipes mixed with lead. Lead is referred to as a toxic material. In addition to this, copper is responsible for leaching chemicals. As the plumbing industry is making some drastic changes, so should you. It is imperative to keep up the pace with the changing plumbing industry and switch to stainless steel plumbing.

2. Breakages

As soon as anything becomes older, the chances of its breakages are higher too. The same thing applies to your plumbing pipes as well. Your older pipes have already gone through a lot. When your pipes face water pressure or temperature changes, they tend to break. These breakages can further cause a lot of unavoidable and messy leakages. In addition to the mess, leakages can contaminate your water too by introducing several adverse and harmful bacteria.

3. Growth of Harmful Bacteria and Mold

Broken pipes can let harmful bacteria enter the water. In addition to this, if you have older plumbing pipes, they can further harbor harmful bacteria due to previous plumbing issues. If not treated on time, the problem can grow and spread even more. For leak-proof and mess-free plumbing, the best way is to use ss pipe fittings for a hassle-free and crack-free plumbing experience. Bacterial growth can easily make a way towards the water that you drink which can further cause a lot of adverse health-related issues. You should not let the charm and aesthetic look of your home get affected because of your old and outdated pipes. If you want your plumbing pipes to get replaced with stainless steel pipe fittings, contact our plumbing professionals and get the desired stainless steel plumbing fittings solutions.