Oct 2021


Stainless steel is one of the most imperative metals these days because of its versatile properties. Stainless steel is a metal that consists of a proportion of alloy as well as chromium. Stainless steel has become popular in almost every industry because of the presence of chromium and corrosion-resistant properties. There are some amazing and well-known advantages of stainless steel which has made this metal an ultimate choice for different areas of application. Some of the highlighting characteristics of stainless steel include low repair and maintenance, high strength, versatility, and ductility. Owing to the above-mentioned features, stainless steel is known to be majorly utilized in various industries especially in the manufacturing of stainless steel pipes, tubes, and press-fittings. Rhinox is a brand that is recognized as a manufacturer of SS fittings & pipes with the help of high-quality and finest grades of stainless steel. Below are some of the benefits that make stainless steel a popular choice among customers, architects, plumbers, and construction workers.

1. Content of Chromium

The content of chromium present in stainless steel is around 11%. Its presence makes it resistant to corrosion. Chromium is one of the most imperative and critical components in stainless steel. Apart from the presence of chromium, some of the key factors that make stainless steel a perfect choice include resistance to temperature, malleability, spotless surface, aesthetic and pleasing design, etc.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Stainless steel is a metal that is known for its cost-effectiveness. As compared to other metals, stainless steel is not that much expensive and hence, everyone can afford it. One of the most prominent features of stainless steel is that it offers a long-life span; no matter if you go for SS pipe fittings or any other stainless steel product. The metal does not corrode easily even after years of being used.

3. Major Applications

Due to its versatile properties, stainless steel is widely used in different sectors and industries. The material has an extensive range of applications. Stainless steel is referred to as a foremost choice in various industries like railways, construction sectors, automobile sector, real estate sector, etc. Stainless steel comes under the category of top metals due to its impressive properties like high strength, ductility, durability, and lower coefficient of friction.

4. Resistant to Corrosion

Another imperative feature of stainless steel is that it does not corrode. The presence of nickel, chromium, and other major and important metals makes it resistant to corrosion. No matter if you are going to choose pipes and tubes for your plumbing project or any other construction project, go for stainless steel as it is one of the premium metals with lots of amazing features and properties. The above-mentioned are some of the amazing benefits that make stainless steel a popular choice due to its numerous applications and utilization.

Final Say

By taking into account the above points, it can be easily concluded why stainless steel is an ultimate choice when compared to other metals. If you have a plumbing project in hand, stainless steel is a perfect choice for you. Rhinox India is a renowned and leading manufacturer of SS pipe fittings and is known for excellence, innovation, and trust by numerous customers.